Credit: STATEC 2021 TrustLab Survey

According to the national statistical institute STATEC, more than 70% of the Luxembourg population said in a 2021 survey that they trusted official statistics.

Data showed that in 2015, approximately 68% of Luxembourg residents said they trusted official statistics. This percentage remained stable in 2018 and increased by 2% points in 2021 (70%).

However, the most recent survey showed that trust is not shared equally by all residents. Confidence in statistics appeared to depend on confidence in the quality of the management of the institute (STATEC), political independence and data protection. For instance, 87% of residents said that they trusted STATEC as an institution in 2021 (86% in 2015).

The level of education also plays a key role in the level of confidence in official statistics. STATEC data indicated that a higher education level correlates positively with a higher level of confidence in official statistics in Luxembourg. Age, gender and income levels did not appear to have an impact on trust in statistics.