Credit: Statec

The national statistical agency Statec has published the first results of an ad hoc survey on the socio-economic conditions of COVID-19-related confinement in Luxembourg; according to the survey, most workers considered teleworking to be a positive experience. 

The survey revealed that 69% of the workforce has switched to teleworking compared to 20% in 2019. 48% of workers have been teleworking full-time and 21% have been teleworking alternately. 31% continued to work at the workplace.

Full-time teleworking was particularly prevalent in the education (74%), administrative and financial services (61%) and public administration sectors (47%). The rate was 66% among freelance or independent workers.

Overall, 55% of workers who currently telework have said that it has been a positive experience, with 30% saying it has been neither a positive nor negative experience. Only 15% of respondents considered teleworking to be a negative experience.

For most people (74%), this was their first ever experience teleworking. Meanwhile, most people (43%) who had already some experience with teleworking before the health crisis found that their working hours at home had increased, while 36% found no change.