Credit: Lidl Luxembourg

On Thursday 2 May 2024, Lidl Luxembourg announced it aims to double its sales of plant-based protein products by 2030, in an effort to promote sustainable food choices.

From Wednesday 15 May 2024, Lidl customers will be able to benefit from significant permanent discounts on the prices of the plant-based protein product range. The range of plant-based products will also be expanded. With these measures, Lidl noted it wants to make the transition to a plant-based diet more accessible to everyone.

As a food retailer, Lidl Luxembourg reaches thousands of customers every day through its products. These food choices have a major impact on the climate, biodiversity and health Lidl Luxembourg emphasised, adding that it wants to eliminate the price difference between animal and plant-based proteins to make plant-based choices more accessible to all consumers.

In addition to price reductions, Lidl Luxembourg also stressed it wants to offer a more diverse range of products to its customers. The supermarket chain aims to significantly increase the share of its plant-based protein sources to 20% by 2030. This strengthening of the plant-based range includes a variety of legumes, dried fruits, seeds and meat-replacement vegan options as well as substitutes for eggs and fish. In addition, Lidl also aims to increase its share of alternative dairy products to 10%.

Vemondo, Lidl's in-house brand which brings together its vegetarian and vegan products, now includes around 23 items in its permanent assortment. During promotional weeks, this range is regularly supplemented with temporary vegan products.

Ines Verschaeve, Project Manager CSR Purchasing at Lidl BeLux, spoke enthusiastically about Lidl's progressive vision: “Protein is essential to our well-being, whether of animal or plant origin. Plant proteins have a positive impact on both humans and the environment. By lowering the prices of plant-based products to the same level as animal variants, we want to make it easier for customers to choose a plant-based alternative.

Lidl will thus become the first Luxembourg supermarket chain to adopt a protein measurement methodology developed by WWF. This makes it possible to evaluate the proportion of plant and animal proteins. The retailer therefore analysed all of its food products, determining their plant protein content per kilogram. This information will now be transparently provided to customers.

Additionally, Lidl added that its commitment to conscious and sustainable eating is in line with the 'Planetary Health Diet', an eating framework that is optimal for people and beneficial for the planet, as defined by research from the EAT-Lancet. This study is the first to combine health and sustainability. By relying on this diet, it would be possible to provide the world's population with a healthy and sustainable diet by 2050.