Credit: ALVA

The Luxembourg Veterinary and Food Administration (ALVA) has announced the recall of a Salakis brand sheep milk cheese product over the possible presence of foreign matter such as glass.

The following product has been recalled from various points of sale in Luxembourg: "Dès de fromages de brebis aromatisés aux Herbes de Provence et poivrons" (sheep milk cheese flavoured with Herbes de Provence and peppers) from the Salakis brand, 300 g, with the best before date of 07/07/2024 and lot number(s) 2.009.1 - 06:16 to 07:04. Sales period: 31/01/2024 to 08/03/2024.

ALVA warned that consumers who ingest foreign matter (e.g. glass) are at potential risk of suffocation or internal injury.

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