Credit: Delhaize

Delhaize has recalled its own brand orange, mango and passion fruit smoothie from its Luxembourg stores due to absence of an indication of milk on the label.

The Luxembourg Food Safety Authorities have just been informed via the European Commission's Rapid Alert System for Food (RASFF) and by Delhaize that the Delhaize brand "Smoothie Orange Mangue Fruit de la Passion" product has been distributed in Delhaize stores in Luxembourg, despite the milk allergen not being mentioned on the packaging.

This concerns the following product: Delhaize "Smoothie Orange Mangue Fruit de la Passion" (250ml, origin Netherlands) with the expiry date 09/10/2019, the barcode 5400119513203 and the batch number 6041. Only products with the batch number and expiry date indicated are affected.

The product in question has since been withdrawn from sale in Delhaize stores, but some of the products were sold to consumers. 

The health hazard is limited to people who are allergic to milk proteins or who are lactose intolerant. As such, the Luxembourg Food Safety Authorities have recommended that these consumers do not consume the product in question.