"Two fire experts unite, let's celebrate!"; Credit: Ginge-Kerr

Team-Protec and Ginge-Kerr, two key players in fire protection in Luxembourg, announced today the merger of their two companies

The entire Team-Protec service portfolio will be integrated into that of Ginge-Kerr in order to create a unique global fire safety offer in the Grand Duchy.

Ginge-Kerr is known for its expertise in Luxembourg and neighbouring countries in the design and implementation of automatic and manual fire extinguishing systems. Team-Protec is the specialist in fire protection by the Sprinkler network in Luxembourg.

By merging with Team-Protec and integrating its portfolio of services, Ginge-Kerr aims to create a unique offer, remaining as close as possible to the fire safety needs and concerns of its clients. The solutions now marketed centrally through Ginge-Kerr are expected to make it possible to cover all customer needs in 360 ° in terms of gas, water and foam extinguishing systems, fire doors and closures, insulation and thermal insulation, fire extinguishers, safety signage and healthcare, from the study to the maintenance of installations and equipment, as well as training.