The company SkyCom Sàrl, established in Niederdonven in Luxembourg, has just announced its name change: since January 2024, the company has been called EcoMobility Sàrl.

Since the beginning of 2023, the company has already been part of the new EcoMobility group, formed from the merger of SkyCom in Luxembourg and r2pTracking ApS in Denmark. After a strategic transition phase of about a year, SkyCom has officially changed its name.

SkyCom is a Luxembourg-based provider of telematics solutions founded in 1994 by Claude Lenert. The company was one of the leading telematics providers in Europe at the time and quickly played a pioneering role in the market with WinFleet, its fleet management service, noted EcoMobility in a press release.

At the beginning of 2023, SkyCom consolidated its skills with r2pTracking in order to further expand its service offering in the future and expand to other European countries. Another location in Sandefjord, Norway, is scheduled to open in mid-February 2024.

By changing its name to EcoMobility, SkyCom is aiming to demonstrate its commitment to the environment and create a more sustainable business environment. This objective constitutes one of the central pillars of the newly created EcoMobility Group. With its future-oriented fleet management solutions, it not only wants to enable companies to manage their vehicle fleet more efficiently and thus save money, but also to simultaneously reduce their CO2 costs.

EcoMobility Group is a provider of software as a service (SaaS) solutions that enable companies to operate their vehicles and resources more sustainably and profitably. The group was formed from the merger of r2pTracking ApS in Denmark and SkyCom Sàrl in Luxembourg, with approximately 70 employees and 8,000 customers combined.