Group photo of the concierge service's official inauguration; Credit: Commune de Kopstal / Romy Schouten

The municipality of Kopstal in Luxembourg has announced the opening of its first municipal concierge service in the town of Bridel, which was officially inaugurated on Thursday 28 September 2023.

The doors of this newly established municipal concierge service opened to the public on 21 August 2023. The inauguration event saw the presence of Mayor Thierry Schuman, Aldermen Josy Popov and Raoul Weicker, Director of POST Courrier, Mario Treinen, as well as General Director of Sympass, Elodie Wehrlé, and various other stakeholders and partners associated with the municipality of Kopstal.

This service aims to assist and support the approximately 4,400 residents of Kopstal in managing their daily tasks, offering a more convenient solution to a wide range of needs, the municipality stated.

The initiative for this municipal concierge service arose from the college of mayor and aldermen's desire to provide a central point of contact for residents to access various services deemed essential. This service is dedicated to helping residents with their daily tasks and includes a POST area, for their post and package-related needs.

The services offered by the municipal concierge service cover a broad spectrum and include dry cleaning and alterations, shoe repair, vehicle support services (such as tire changes and technical inspections), car wash facilities, perfumery services (order and delivery), floral arrangements (order and delivery), ticket sales for various activities and leisure pursuits and a gift shop. The integrated POST space enables residents to purchase post-related products such as envelopes and stamp books, send letters and parcels, print stamps, and collect parcels and registered items. A dedicated concierge is stationed at the service desk to assist residents with their requests.

Residents can contact the service either by visiting the location in person, reaching out by phone, or sending an email. After specifying the desired services, individuals need to provide their contact information to the concierge service. Payment is required in advance at the service location. Once the payment has been processed, the concierge confirms the request and contacts the applicant again, if necessary, to validate appointment dates for services such as technical inspections. Clothes and shoes for dry cleaning, alterations, or shoe repairs can be dropped off directly at the concierge desk, leaving the rest of the service process in the hands of the concierge team.

The municipal concierge service is situated at 76 Rue de Luxembourg, 8140 Bridel, and offers dedicated parking spaces for its customers in front of the service desk. For residents using public transportation, the Bridel, Taverne bus stop (served by bus lines 850, 901, 902, 903, 911, and 921) is located a two-minute walk from the concierge desk.

The concierge service operates from Monday to Friday, with service hours ranging from 13:30 to 19:30. Residents can contact the concierge service via email: or via tel.: 2732-7327 for further information or to request assistance with their daily tasks and service needs.