LuxAuPair has announced the launch of its new au pair agency in Luxembourg, as well as a partnership with the National Youth Service (Service National de la Jeunesse - SNJ).

The beginning of this new year marked the official launch of LuxAuPair, an au pair agency based in Luxembourg. LuxAuPair was recently selected as the official partner of the SNJ, an entity of Luxembourg’s Ministry of Education, Children and Youth. LuxAuPair manages the full-cycle recruitment, matching, accreditation and facilitation for both families and au pairs seeking placement in the Grand Duchy.

More important than the mechanics of matching and paperwork, both the family-owned LuxAuPair and the SNJ aim to bring the au pair programme in Luxembourg back to what it used to be – a unique opportunity to create meaningful multicultural and multilingual exchanges between families and their au pairs.

“Being an au pair is so much more than just a job,” explained Stéphane Compain, Managing Director and Co-Founder of LuxAuPair. “It’s immersive. It’s about enriching lives through cultural exchange. It’s every bit as much about what the family can learn from the au pair as it is what the au pair can gain from his / her experience abroad”.

With approximately 48% of its residents being foreign nationals and 170 nationalities living together, Luxembourg has one of the highest proportions of foreign residents of any European country. That percentage can be as high as 70% in urban areas. Maintaining harmony, encouraging shared experience and celebrating diversity is core to the identity of being a Luxembourger and something the government takes seriously as well.

There are many au pairs arriving in Luxembourg each year, with each placement lasting up to a maximum of one year. LuxAuPair seeks to attract candidates from all over the world, but maintaining at the same time a geographical diversity, which will enable a better matching with the various Host Families.

“Hosting an au pair should be a wonderful, lifelong shared memory for the au pair and the family,” added Co-Founder Sandrine Lapointe. “Yes, it’s a benefit to have someone help with childcare, but the richness of the programme comes when the children are able to learn new customs, new languages and try new foods. It’s like bringing a different part of the world into your home".

LuxAuPair is aimed at simplifying the process, guaranteeing compliance with the regulations and thus enabling a successful match between families and au pairs.

While the launch of LuxAuPair has been a “brand new adventure” for Stéphane Compain and Sandrine Lapointe, the foundational aspects of ensuring a smooth and comfortable expat settlement service is “very parallel” to the relocation services of their other company LuxRelo, according to Stéphane Compain.

More information is available on the LuxAuPair website: