In order to encourage more girls and women to play sport, the Rugby Club Luxembourg (RCL) is running a Rugby/Touch experience on Sunday 5 March 2023 from 10:00 - 13:00 at the Stade Boy Konen in Luxembourg-Cessange. 

Girls and women from eight years old upwards are invited to come to the Boy Konen terrain to try out the sport of Rugby contact and Touch Rugby. According to Nick Frank, President Touch Luxembourg and RCL Junior Touch, many women think of rugby as a male-dominated sport: the non contact form called Touch Rugby is ideally suited to women and in countries such as Australia and New Zealand is one of the main female participatory sports. 

Here in Luxembourg, RCL has 28 girls and women playing Touch Rugby, and Walferdange Ladies provides an opportunity for women's contact Rugby. talked with Nick Frank who stated "RCL is a community sports club so it’s really important for us to encourage more women and girls to play sport. Women can play for RCL in the Mixed Belgium Touch league and ideally we want to build a squad that can play in the 2024 Touch World Cup to be held in the UK".

Touch Rugby started in Luxembourg around 2000 as a summer activity for RCL senior team and this developed into the Kick Cancer into Touch charity tournament. Nick Frank explained "We got more serious when in 2011 we entered a team into the Edinburgh World Cup, playing Australia in an our first international game". 

This taster session will consist of some activities that illustrate the skills and fun of rugby. This will be followed by some short games of Touch Rugby to get a feel for the flow of the game. As Touch Rugby is a very limited contact sport, there will be mixed age games so mothers, daughters and friends can all play together. No specialist equipment is needed, just a pair of trainers/running shoes and a desire for fun. 

Players can sign up through the QR code on the poster, this link or by email: