Credit: Pixabay

The Chambre Immobilière has announced the creation of a new section dedicated to developers and promoters.

According to the real estate chamber, which represents the professions of real estate agent, trustee and developer, this new group marks "a significant step in the consolidation and advancement" of Luxembourg's real estate sector. The objective of this group is to strengthen collaboration between key players in the sector and deepen discussions on topics such as construction innovation and sustainability, as well as regulations and challenges.

The new section is committed to improving dialogue and the exchange of experiences between its members and with public authorities, focusing on themes considered essential to the sector, noted the chamber.

Some of the key areas on which the group will focus include:

- promoting quality urban planning and affordable housing for all, recognising the importance of these elements in creating sustainable and inclusive communities;
- prioritising continuing education in the real estate field, ensuring a high level of skill and expertise among professionals in the sector;
- encouraging digitalisation and industrialisation in real estate construction, aiming to modernise processes and improve operational efficiency.

The group will also work towards the simplification of urban planning procedures and rules, aimed at improving the efficiency and transparency of real estate governance, as well as exploring innovative solutions in real estate financing to facilitate access to property.

Membership of this section is open to all members of the Chambre Immobilière who operate in the field of real estate development and promotion.