Tram underpass at Findel; Credit: MMTP

On Saturday 17 February 2024, Luxembourg's Ministry of Mobility and Public Works, together with the Administration of Bridges and Roads, confirmed that the tram tunnel / underpass which goes under the N1 national road in Findel, was installed. 

The official ceremony was attended by Luxembourg's Minister of Mobility and Public Works, Yuriko Backes, in the presence of officials from the Administration of Bridges and Roads. This work was carried out as part of the extension of the tram line from LuxExpo in Luxembourg-Kirchberg to the airport in Findel.

During the preparatory work, rails were laid on both sides of the road. The average speed at which the tram tunnel was installed was 10 - 20 metres per hour, on average. Using hydraulic presses, the tram tunnel having a length of 45 metres, a width of 9.95 metres and weighing approximately 2,300 tonnes, was pushed a distance of 50 metres to its final position.

The preparatory work for the underpass under the Route de Trèves began in September 2023. The installation, which involved the gradual movement of the framework of the OA1156 engineering structure to its final location, represents a key moment in the extension of the the tram line to Findel.

Following the shifting of the tunnel, work to complete the Senningerberg interchange, including the exit ramp to the tunnel under the N1 national road, will begin. Work on the construction of the temporary P+R, the tram platform and the bus platforms at the Senningerberg interchange will begin in the coming months.

Minister Backes stated: “The complex operation of shifting requires a lot of skill and constitutes one of the key moments in the work of extending the tram network to Findel. Once the tram line to the airport is operational, we expect a significant increase in passenger numbers. Section E offers multiple advantages and its commissioning constitutes a significant step forward in improving the accessibility and efficiency of travel between the Kirchberg plateau and the airport for travellers."

As a reminder, section E aims to connect the Kirchberg plateau from the LuxExpo station to Findel airport and will serve the “Héienhaff” multimodal interchange hub before crossing the Findel activity zone to reach Bld Heienhaff. Its commissioning is planned for winter 2024/2025.