(L-R): Justine O’Brien (Pearson), Aislinn H, Naomi T, Sebastian R, Siddarth Vaitty, Dr Barkei (Director), Claire Simmonds (Secondary Head Teacher); Credit: Chronicle.lu

On Monday 18 December 2023, St George's International School in Luxembourg-Hamm held a special ceremony at which four of its students were recognised for achieving the highest subject marks in the world, in Europe and in Luxembourg.

Siddarth Vaitty, who graduated from St George’s in June this year and is now studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford, received the highest marks in the world in his A-level English Literature, History and Mathematics exams. He is one of only six students worldwide to achieve three or more Pearson EdExcel ‘highest in the world’ honours this year.

Naomi T received the highest mark in the world for IGCSE Psychology and the highest mark in Luxembourg for IGCSE History; Aislinn H received the highest mark in the world for IGCSE English Language A; and Sebastian R received the highest mark in Europe for IGCSE English Literature and the highest mark in Luxembourg for IGCSE Mathematics A.

In attendance were the students' families, school staff and VIP guests, including Pearson Regional Development Manager Justine O’Brien, who presented certificates and medals., as well as students forms years 11, 12 and 13.

During her speech Ms O’Brien said: “Today we celebrate the achievement of all of you who have achieved excellent results. Some of you have the highest marks not just in country, but in the region or globally. You are among the top performing EdExcel students, and you embody the very definition of excellence. These are hugely impressive results.  But, while you’ve accomplished incredible scores, I would urge you to make sure your learning doesn’t stop here. Stay curious, challenge things, ask questions, share new ideas and use your amazing work ethic to make a change in the world. Learning changes lives and curiosity opens doors. It’s a lifelong lesson and a lifelong passion. I cannot wait to hear about the huge impact you’re going to have on global stage.”

She also praised the leaders and educators at St George’s, as well as parents helping the children achieve their true potential. She explained that 2,200 students from more than 700 award centres were eligible for the awards. She urged the winners to stay curious and enable their amazing work ethic to make changes in the world.

St George’s Secondary Head Teacher Claire Simmonds said the students had competed against thousands of other students studying the same subjects at 700 schools in 80 countries around the world, stating “We are extremely proud of our students’ progress and achievements during their time with us, whether through their academic results or taking on new challenges outside the classroom”. She also talked about the power of potential, with teachers seeing a commitment to understand and perseverance to achieve journeys, which she described as being as important as the destination.

Dr Barkei, Director at St George’s International School, stated that in many ways all winners are outstandingly normal students and are ambitious as well as being interested in the world around them, including asking more and different questions, in addition to reaching out to other students to help them. He also referenced the sense of internationalism of the winners, reflecting the make-up and ethos of the school.