Luxembourg's Ministry of Education, Children and Youth has presented the results of the summer session of the 2022 secondary school leaving exams.

Luxembourg's public schools reported a pass rate of 75% in final year ("Première") exams in 2022, compared to 76% in 2021 and an average of 78% in the previous ten years (between 2012 and 2021).

"Although the candidates for the final examination have lived through three school years under the influence of the pandemic, their results are quite honourable and are a continuation of previous years", stated Luxembourg's Minister of Education, Children and Youth, Claude Meisch. "With their diploma in hand, students are now well prepared for their future studies or professional life. And this thanks to the commitment of the entire school community".

A total of 3,483 pupils took the various secondary school leaving exams. The success rate fell slightly from 76% (i.e. 2,557 pupils) in 2021 to 75% in 2022 (2,612 pupils), with the rate of postponements standing at 16% (14% in 2021). The failure rate was 9% (also 9% in 2021).

Classical secondary schools once again performed especially well, obtaining a pass rate of 83% (85% in 2021). The postponement rate was 11% (10% in 2021) whilst the failure rate was 6% (5% in 2021).

The pass rate in general secondary schools stood at 68% (69% in 2021). The postponement rate stood at 20% (18% in 2021) whilst the failure rate was 12% (13% in 2021).

Female pupils performed slightly better than their male counterparts in both classical and general secondary education, with an 84% success rate for girls and an 82% success rate for boys in classical education and success rates of 71% and 64% for girls and boys, respectively, in general education.

The number of pupils who obtained an "excellent" grade (average equal to or greater than 52 out of a total of 60 points) fell from 169 in 2021 to 116 in 2022. 105 classical and eleven general secondary school pupils obtained this grade.

These results include those of public secondary schools and private secondary schools that follow the Luxembourg school curriculum, as well as those of pupils taking evening and eBac classes and those of the Schengen-Lyzeum in Perl.