Credit: St George's International School

On Monday 25 May 2020, St George’s International School Luxembourg, like other schools across the country, welcomed their primary students back to school.

These students joined the Year 7-10 secondary students who returned last week and were welcomed at the school gates by Mrs T-Rex, the friendly dinosaur, together with the school’s Principal, Dr Barkei, and Head of Primary, Ms Nuttall. Upon entering the school grounds, students were directed to their designated entrance where they washed their hands before arriving at their temperature checking station. Each student's temperature was checked before they were directed to their new classrooms.

The school has implemented the necessary measures to ensure all students are in a safe environment. Hand washing stations are in place outside all main school entrances, student and staff temperatures are checked upon arrival, hand sanitiser pumps are in place in all corridors and outside the majority of classrooms and a one-way circulation system has been put in place. The classrooms have been rearranged so that all students sit two metres apart and Plexiglass screens have been put up where necessary to protect staff. All students and staff are instructed to wear a mask in the school corridors and playgrounds for their own safety.

St George’s, in consultation with the Ministry of Education, decided to keep nursery classes (children aged 3-4) at home for the remainder of the current school year. Nursery students continue to work remotely at home receiving online projects and play concepts from the early years educators supported by the senior staff and the Deputy Head of Primary.