More and more Luxembourgers are using Digicash to make payments using their mobile phones according to a survey from Digicash Payments S.A. 

Carried out in January 2017, the survey found that 84% of residents know the DIGICASH brand and 65% are interested in the product, while 18% of the population uses the mobile payment application and 47% has already seen it in operation. 

The app is most commonly used for paying bills, paying in shops and restaurants, buying transport, and sending money to associates. 

“The DIGICASH Mobile Payment App has accelerated rapidly since the launch of the first major communications campaign in September 2016. The figures for the last quarter of 2016 reflect the success of DIGICASH's communication strategy. The number of downloads per month more than doubled and the number of active users increased by 60%,” said the report.

31% of respondents cite DIGICASH as a digital payment solution. After only four years of availability on the market, the product already comes in third position on this scale, just behind web banking (39%) and credit cards (34%), and in front of debit cards (30% ). For the utility of the product, in-store payment, payment of invoices and purchase of tickets are the most popular use contexts.

Knowledge of the DIGICASH brand is higher among Luxembourgers (87%) than among foreigners (81%), with a higher score in the Portuguese community (85%). For the age groups, 94% of people aged 25-34 recognise DIGICASH, just ahead of the 35-49 age group with 89% and the 18-24 age group with 85%. There is also a higher use of the payment application among men.

The company is developing new uses, including paying for street parking, bank balance enquiries, paying for petrol, receiving bills and invoices for instant payment, a bonus points system.