(L-R) Paul Hoffman, Luxtram SA, Lydie Polfer, Luxembourg City Mayor; François Bausch, Deputy PM, Minister for Mobility & Public Works; Frank Vansteenkiste, Luxtram SA; Credit: MMTP

On Friday 10 March 2023, Luxembourg's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Mobility and Public Works, François Bausch, the Mayor of the City of Luxembourg, Lydie Polfer, and Luxtram officials presented details of the project to extend the tram line to new parts of Luxembourg-Kirchberg and to Luxembourg-Hollerich.

The tram extension is intended to serve the future "Nei Hollerich" district and its multimodal interchange. The 1.1 km double-track route will include two new stations. The cost relating to this extension amounts to €29,000,000 excluding VAT.

In Kirchberg, the 2.3 km double-track route will include three new stations, branching off from line 1 at the Pfaffenthal/Kirchberg interchange to serve the future "Laangfur" mixed district. The insertion of the tramway on this section will be accompanied by the complete reorganisation of the public space from façade to façade. The cost of this extension is estimated at €106,000,000 excluding VAT.

These projects are part of the National Mobility Plan 2035 and the urban development of the City of Luxembourg. Together with Luxtram, the ETRAM project management group, having built the first line, developed these projects. The design and construction are being carried out in close coordination with the National Roads Administration, which is in charge of the adjoining road projects, the City of Luxembourg, the Kirchberg urbanisation fund (Fonds Kirchberg) and the GIE Hollerich.

These projects, with a total value of €135,000,000 excluding VAT, will be the subject of two separate procedures, one legislative with the filing of a financing bill for €90,000,000 excluding VAT and the other a municipal procedure for an amount of €45,000,000 excluding VAT.

The entire tram line is expected to be completed by 2028.