Credit: VdL

As part of the "Our mobility plan for tomorrow: networked - innovative - sustainable" (Onse Mobilitéitsplang fir muer: vernetzt – innovativ – nohalteg) project, the City of Luxembourg (Ville de Luxembourg - VdL) annonced a day of discussion and information on Saturday 17 September 2022 from 10:00 to 18:00 at the Place d’Armes.

In the continuity of the first participatory events organised on 13 October 2021 and 3 March 2022, this meeting will allow everyone to discuss informally with those responsible for mobility in the City, to express their ideas in terms of of urban mobility, to find out about the process of drawing up the Mobility plan (Mobilityitsplang), the state of progress and the next stages of the project, or even to ask questions about mobility in the city in general and the challenges linked to future urban mobility in a city that is growing.

Catering stands will be provided on site.

The different stages of the Mobility plan

The process of developing the Mobility plan takes place in four phases, until the presentation of the results, at the end of 2022:

  • Phase 1 :
    • October 2021: launch of the participatory project “Our mobility plan for tomorrow: networked - innovative - sustainable” with the aim of rethinking the fundamental principles of urban mobility and describing the infrastructures and transport offers necessary to ensure in the future mobility in modern society and guarantee the accessibility of the city and its various districts, particularly in view of the general development of the capital, the bases of which are defined in the general development plan, demographic and economic growth as well as challenges related to climate and environmental protection.
    • 14 October - 14 November 2021: online general public survey to take stock of the situation in terms of urban mobility and to determine the travel habits of citizens and visitors to the capital.
  • Phase 2: Guidelines, objectives and scenarios (in progress)
    • February/March 2022: presentation of the results, analysis and conclusions of the survey
  • Phase 3: Strategies and definition of measures (in progress)
    • 17 September 2022: Discussion and information day, Place d'Armes
  • Phase 4: Roadmap and definition of an evaluation concept

Throughout the project, opportunities for citizen participation will be offered and will be communicated in good time to citizens and interested parties.

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