Luxembourg's railways, the CFL, has set out a series of guidelines for using public transport from Monday 11 May 2020, when the next phase of the lockdown exit strategy and deconfinement will commence.

The CFL's statement on Friday 8 May underlined that the company is closely monitoring the situation from day to day and is adapting their organisation and their services to apply specific sanitary conditions, according to the instructions of the authorities as well as the needs of their customers. "The health and well-being of staff and customers is an absolute priority and everything has been done since the beginning of this unprecedented health crisis to protect them" the statement read.

With progressive deconfinement, more and more travelers will travel by train or bus and the distance of 2 metres cannot always be respected. Whether on board trains or buses, health security also depends on the behaviour of travelers and compliance with instructions, including the wearing of a mask which plays a crucial role. To ensure everyone's protection, the CFL both invites and thanks travelers for respecting the guidelines as well as those given by CFL staff.

The CFL will continuously assess the measures put in place to protect the health of staff and customers and will make the necessary arrangements for safe travel.


Whenever possible, it is recommended to avoid traveling by train or bus during busy times, i.e. in the morning and evening peak hours.

On the train or bus

On board the train or bus:
- the wearing of a mask is compulsory and the mask must be worn throughout the journey (the mask is not compulsory for children under 6 years old);
- travelers are invited to distribute themselves uniformly on board the train and bus to respect, as far as possible, social distancing;
- in order to limit the crossing of travelers on trains and buses, it is requested to let passengers out and only then board the train or bus. It is important to leave enough room for travelers leaving.

For any help or assistance for people with reduced mobility, a dedicated service is available to customers, either by email:, or by tel: 4993-3737.

Waiting rooms, passenger shelters and platforms

The wearing of a mask is also compulsory in waiting rooms, passenger shelters at stations and stops as well as on platforms (except for children under 6). Travelers are invited to spread out in stations and along the platforms to respect, as far as possible, social distancing.

Train cleaning

Rolling stock are disinfected before being brought into service. During the day, in addition to conventional cleaning, all contact surfaces, such as handrails, door openers and handles, are cleaned thoroughly and more frequently.

Bus cleaning

Bus contact points (door open buttons, stop request buttons, ...) are cleaned and disinfected daily and each bus is regularly and completely disinfected.

Station cleaning

Since the start of the health crisis, cleaning of stations has been given special attention. All surfaces that are regularly touched by travelers, such as lift push buttons or staircases, are regularly cleaned.

The sales centre at Luxembourg-Gare

In a first phase, from Monday 11 May 2020, two counters at the sales centre at Luxembourg-Gare will be available to customers. These are counters with a window protecting the customer and CFL staff. Wearing a mask is also compulsory in the sales centre. Customers must respect the instructions and take care to keep the interpersonal distance of 2 metres.

Access to the sales centre is filtered by a security agent to limit the number of people. The flow of traffic at the entrance and at the exit is reviewed to minimise contact. Customers are invited to pay for train tickets by bank card. The purchase of 1st class and cross-border national transport tickets can also be done via the CFL mobile application. International tickets can be purchased through the CFL International app. A sales terminal is operational and access is monitored by a security guard. This terminal is cleaned at least once an hour.

Cross-border travel

Customers on cross-border journeys are advised to inquire before their journey about the measures to be observed abroad, as these may vary from country to country.

CFL Mobility - the Flex car-sharing service

The carsharing cars are ventilated and the interior surfaces of the windows as all the contact surfaces (the steering wheel, the dashboard, the armrests, the centre console, ...) are cleaned. If necessary, the interior of cars is also disinfected by a high temperature steam system. Customers are requested to use their own mask and gloves on board Flex cars.