Credit: Farvest

B2B marketing agency Farvest has announced that the second edition of Human Capital Europe will take place on Thursday 26 November 2020 at the European Convention Center Luxembourg (ECCL) in Luxembourg-Kirchberg.

Last year, more than 950 CEOs, HR managers, startups, innovative companies and investors attended this one-day event in Luxembourg.

This year, the event will consist of an opening session on "the leaders of tomorrow", the HR Summit, the Healthcare Summit, the Luxembourg HR Awards and the Luxembourg Healthcare Awards ceremonies. In the current context and following the COVID-19 pandemic, which has turned everyday habits upside down, Farvest wished to bring together two events dedicated to the Human factor: a decision in line with the will to highlight HR and healthcare professionals for their extraordinary commitment at this time.

The event will start with a session entitled "The leaders of tomorrow are not the ones you expect", during which experts will discuss the new ways in which companies are operating, share best practices in terms of crisis management and debate on atypical profiles and how companies can benefit from recruiting them. The first speaker is British adventurer Alex Staniforth (Motivational Keynote Speaker, Author, Ambassador & Director, Mind Over Mountains), who will discuss life challenges and how best to respond to them by addressing successes and failures, as well as the need to get out of one's comfort zone. Claudia Kessler (Initiator of the 1st female Astronaut, Astronautin) will then look at resilience and stress management during a crisis, but also at the commonalities between astronauts, CEOs and HR Directors. Finally, Emmanuelle Joseph-Dailly (Author, Speaker and contributor to Business Harvard Review) will focus on impertinent profiles: Should companies and their leaders rely on non-standard - so-called "impertinent" - profiles? How can this bet on "competence" change the way an organisation operates?

The theme of the HR Summit 2020 will be "HR Reloaded". The singularity of the current period invites us to redefine our habits, our practices and our values. How do we approach this new era? How can HR learn from this situation? Speakers will then address the digital transformation of the sector, employee engagement and motivation or the increased need for agility in the HR sector. The HR Summit will feature Thomas Møller Lybæk (HR Process Innovation Director at LEGO Group), Rosie Evans (Behavioural Scientist at Coachhub) and Michelle Mills-Porter (Expert in Human Behaviour), the latter being a recognised marketing professional who survived the December 2004 Tsunami in South East Asia. At the HR Summit, she will focus on motivation, Human values and resilience.

Presented during the HR One Gala, which will close the Human Capital Europe event, the Luxembourg HR Awards reward the best local HR initiatives and best practices, while aiming at emulating a sector in perpetual motion. The sector had to adapt to the health crisis in the recent months and has shown strong innovation and creativity. This year, nine awards will therefore be distributed to professionals based in Luxembourg, after they have pitched their projects and initiatives to a jury of experts. This year, an exceptional prize will be awarded in the framework of the resilience against COVID-19. The awards are: Extraordinary HR Support; People Experience; Onboarding Excellence; Employer Brand of the Year; Talent & Competence Management; Income & Reward Strategy; HR Manager of the Year; CSR Initiative of the Year; HR Digital Transformation.

A new edition of the Luxembourg Healthcare Summit will be held in parallel to the HR Summit. This year's edition is entitled "Overcoming the crisis: when collaboration fosters innovation". This conference, through the participation of several local and international experts, will provide an opportunity to look back at the different types of cross-sector collaboration that have led to innovative and inspiring solutions in the field of healthcare.

The event will end with the traditional Luxembourg Healthcare Awards ceremony, highlighting the best local initiatives and best practices in the sector. This year, eight awards will be distributed: Extraordinary Business Adaptation; Advanced Healthcare Solutions Award; Healthcare Consulting Award; Patient Experience Award; Best Healthcare Educative Campaign of the Year; Healthcare Facilities Award; Outstanding Contribution to the Healthcare Sector; and Healthcare Research Award.

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