Neil Ward and Bob Kneip; Credit: Kneip

Luxembourg-based fund industry specialist Kneip has unveiled its ground breaking digital service platform which will allow more transparency, efficiency and effectiveness on the investor’s thinking.

Kneip, in the pursuit of transforming the financial services industry has invested in creating a new single layered platform to manage the entire fund lifecycle from start to finish. This concept will lead to the digitalisation of investor data, as well as allow more transparency and reports to be more efficient than ever before and have greater effectiveness on the investor’s thinking.

Bob Kneip, Founder and Chairman of Kneip, commented: “This is the beginning of a new era for clients to have full control and transparency on all of their data. By giving the data back to the client, we can unlock the complexity and remove silos for any market, regulatory document, or piece of data to be disseminated and filed to market stakeholders and back.” 

The platform works by ingesting all unstructured data, with machine learning and artificial intelligence tools, then processing this data to work in a structured format. The new digital platform has intuitive tools that put asset managers directly in control. Regulatory, distribution and marketing imperatives require asset managers to process data from dozens of sources, transform this data, and then communicate the results effectively to clients, distributors, supervisors, partners, data providers and more.

Kneip has been assisting asset managers in meeting regulatory requirements for 25 years, and their new digital platform will take this to the next level. The key short-term advantage is dramatically reduced costs and streamlining the process was a key component in the digital transformation. As well as these streamlined processes saving time and money, they also offer greater ability to trap errors early. If there are any problems with a regulatory application dossier these will be identified instantly and can be corrected.