On Friday 29 September, fitness guru and star of BBC's Last Man Standing, Rajko Radovic, landed in Luxembourg to introduce an incredible endurance fitness class invented by his father, Dragan Radovic.

Dragan Radovic was known as one of London's top strength and conditioning coaches in the 1980s, working with leading celebrities and athletes of that era and himself an intimidating, physically gifted, silver medalist in UK Judo.

And then, he discovered Fitness4x4 and the Hour of Power Workout... and an already 'impressive athlete' became a physical phenomenon. 20 years unbeaten in open strength/endurance contests; described by 3xWorlds Strongest Man, Bill Kazmaeir, as "one of the most impressive athletes I have ever seen in more than 30 years of world class competition", and incredibly reaching his physical peak strength and endurance at age 56, and then against the odds, exceeding this record-breaking level once again at the incredible age of 64...

Rajko is the son of Dragan, and is the only person to have ever exceeded his father's incredible records. Rajko shared the secrets that allowed his father to turn a great Strength & Conditioning 'Foundation' into an Elite, World-Class, Incredible Total-Body Conditioning, with ATC athletes in Luxembourg.

Rajko captivated ATC athletes by delivering the Hour of Power class with spiritual grace, strength and commitment.

The day ended with the infamous ‘Dragan Challenge’ supported by Jean-Marie Bermer – the owner of Power-Food’s in Kahler and partner of ATC. The challenge is simple yet brutal involving the high-repetition lifting of two 20kg dumbbells. Rajko took on the whole ATC team and came out on top, proving the positive effects of his class.

Anyone who was on the brand new pedestrian walkway under the “Pont Adolphe” on Sunday might have seen an unusual spectacle. To celebrate Father’s Day and Rajko’s first visit to Luxembourg, the ATC team and the Guru successfully completed a 100Club challenge – curling and pressing heavy dumbells 100 times.

If you would like to explore a training method that can not only help you make dramatic improvements in your current condition, but open up the possibility to lifelong ELITE condition, then contact ATC Sports Luxembourg by email: info@atcsports.lu and give Hour of Power and Fitness4x4 a try.