Film Fund Luxembourg has announced that five projects will receive financial support from the Canada-Luxembourg Co-development and Co-production Incentive for Audiovisual Projects.

As part of the sixth call for projects from this fund, a collaboration between Film Fund Luxembourg (FFL) and the Canada Media Fund (CMF), the joint committee has decided to grant financial aid for a total amount of €275,159 (FFL) and CA$404,000 (CMF; approx. €276,000) to five audiovisual projects according to the following distribution:

Development assistance

  • Tachychronie - writer/director: Gwenaël François (LU) - writer: Jonathan Becker (LU) - €32,500 (FFL) and CA$50,000 (CMF) - Skill Lab (LU) and DPT. (CA) - XR work
  • Kabita - writer/director: Benigno Perez (LU) - director: Marie-Claude Gervais (CA) - €34,439 (FFL) and CA$50,000 (CMF) - Paul Thiltges Distributions (LU) and Yzanakio (CA) - XR work
  • Dieuaimé - writer: Eric Idriss-Kanago (CA) - €23,973 (FFL) and CA$35,000 (CMF) - Paul Thiltges Distributions (LU) and Yzanakio (CA) - fiction series
  • Leonel et les loups - writers: Louis-François Grenier (CA), Orlando Arriagada - director: Bren López Zepeda (CA) - €34,247 (FFL) and CA$50,000 (CMF) - Paul Thiltges Distributions (LU) and Yzanakio (CA) - animated feature film

Production assistance

  • Radio Luxembourg - writer/director: Dominique Santana (LU) - €150,000 (FFL) and CA$219,000 (CMF) - Samsa Film (LU) and Helios Graphic Design (CA) - transmedia work