Cactus has joined the "Ecobox - Mei laang genéissen" initiative of the Luxembourg Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure.

The catering division of the Cactus group has taken its commitment to sustainable development one step further by joining the "Ecobox - Méi laang genéissen" initiative to reduce the ecological footprint of its restaurants. Cactus restaurant customers can now take advantage of this system, which includes returnable, recyclable Ecobox containers to counter food waste and single-use packaging waste.

For a deposit of €5, guests can take food away in the Ecobox to enjoy later. These are suitable for microwaves and can also be used for storage in the freezer. After use, customers need simply rinse the container and return it upon their next visit to one of the Cactus restaurants, where it will be cleaned professionally with an eco-friendly dishwashing liquid that will now be used in all the restaurants in the group. There will then be the possibility of getting their deposit back or exchanging the Ecobox for a new box containing another meal.

The Ecobox initiative, developed at the request of the Department of the Environment of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure and the Environmental Administration and developed by the SuperDrecksKëscht® in cooperation with Horesca, aims to counter the problems of food waste and single-use packaging waste. A recent study on food waste in the Grand Duchy reveals that 68,000 tonnes of food waste are discarded each year, 46% of which could be avoided.