The Ambassador of Poland to Luxembourg, Piotr Wojtczak, and his wife Iwona Wojtczak; Credit:

On Monday 6 May 2024, the Ambassador of Poland to Luxembourg, Piotr Wojtczak, and his wife Iwona Wojtczak, hosted a reception at the FNEL Scouting headquarters in Luxembourg-Cents.

The reception was held to celebrate the country's Constitution Day (on 3 May) as well as the 25th anniversary of Poland's accession to the North Atlantic Alliance and the 20th anniversary of Poland's accession to the European Union.

Around 400 invitees attended the reception, including ambassadors from many countries such as the UK, US, Japan and the Czech Republic, judges from the European Court of Justice, politicians such as Maurice Bauer from the City of Luxembourg, the Luxembourgish Army, as well as civil society and members of the Polish business and social communities.

After a choral quartet sang the Polish and Luxembourgish national anthems and an excerpt from Beethoven’s 9th Symphony a capella, Ambassador Wojtczak then addressed those present, speaking in both French and English. 

He mentioned his colleagues being involved with relations with the European Union and promoting Poland’s business interests, and  referred to the Polish constitution being one of the most modern in Europe. 

He referred to Ukraine requiring solidarity and Poland helping their neighbour. He also talked about strong Luxembourg-Poland relations, specifically in business and cultural areas, and referred to the twinning of Clervaux in Luxembourg with a town in Poland. He referred to the 5,000-strong Polish community in Luxembourg which is very active. 

He thanked his wife for supporting him while also holding down a diplomatic position in Brussels, a family dynamic also experienced by the current President of the Luxembourg Parliament, Claude Wiseler. 

He also referenced a Polish company active in Luxembourg in the domain of sustainable energy by providing solutions such as photovoltaic cells; also another Polish company active here in health supplements. 

He concluded by thanking everyone for attending, in Luxembourgish. 

The formal part of the evening now over, it continued with a reception of crémant and traditional Polish dishes for a walking dinner.