Credit: US Embassy Luxembourg

On Tuesday 5 December 2023, Tom Barrett, the US Ambassador to Luxembourg, hosted the Mayors of Luxembourg municipalities at his residence for an annual end-of-year get-together.

The tradition of inviting the mayors from all 103 municipalities to the residence of the US Ambassador has been ongoing since the 1950s.

"We have a duty to collaborate across all levels of government to address some of the most critical issues of our era, such as upholding human rights and combating climate change. By working together, we can forge a future that prioritises mutual respect and the well-being of our planet. Hosting Luxembourg's mayors offers a valuable chance to explore further avenues for collaboration," said Ambassador Barrett.

According to tradition, an evergreen tree gifted by the Commune of Parc Hosingen decorates the Ambassador’s residence. The tree was presented as a token of gratitude for the sacrifices made by US troops in liberating the Parc Hosingen area during the Battle of the Bulge.