L-R: Elisabeth Herndler; Luxembourg Consul Stan Myck; Marina Sir; Danute Abrishami; Ali Abrishami; (in background) Dimitrios Patargias; Credit: C. Naseer Ahmad

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Luxembourg Embassy in Washington DC held a smaller than usual National Day celebration this year. 

The pandemic and concerns over the Delta variant of the virus prevented the traditional gathering at the Luxembourg Embassy in Washington from going ahead.

Luxembourg's Ambassador to the United States (US) Gaston Stronck wrote, in an email addressed to fellow diplomats and friends of Luxembourg in the US: “For obvious reasons we will not be going ahead with the National Day Festivities this year. Unfortunately, I will not have the pleasure of your company on 23rd June and therefore I will be raising a glass that evening to the good health of HRH Grand Duke Henri and his family”. 

However, the success of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout in the US and particularly in the Washington metropolitan area has enabled small gatherings with friends who have been vaccinated.

It was in this context that Luxembourg Consul Stan Myck and his wife Lilla Schottner hosted a small National Day celebration in their residence garden in Washington on 23 June 2021. According to a statement released by the Consul, the event was "limited to the staff of the embassy and some close friends”.  

In other news, Ambassador Gaston Stronck's tenure in Washington is coming to an end on 29 July 2021. He is retiring and returning to Luxembourg.