The Campina team from Tournhout in Belgium has won the 4 Neighbour Nations Clubs Competition in curling at Kockelscheuer in Luxembourg.

The round-robin tournament played on Saturday and Sunday saw Viry-Châtillon from France come through with 5 wins from 5 games, with Campina from Tournhout in Belgium with the second-best record of 4 wins from 5.

Viry-Châtillon plus (France): 5 wins (10 points)
Campina-Tournout (Belgium): 4 wins (8 points)
Luxembourg 2: 2 wins, 1 draw (5 points)
Kaunas (Lithuania):  1 win, 2 draws (4 points)
Erfurt plus (Germany): 1 win, 1 draw (3 points)
Luxembourg 1: 0 win (0 point)

All were close games, where everybody could beat everybody and where sometimes the last shot was the deciding point. The Finals were also close and were played on a high European standard.

In the final, Campina won against Viry/Besançon with a 6-2 scoreline for 1st and 2nd positions, and Kaunas won against Luxembourg 2 with a 5-2 scoreline for 3rd position.

The final positions were as follows:

1. Campina-Tournhout
2. Viry-Châtillon
3. Kaunas
4. Luxembourg 2
5. Erfurt plus
6. Luxembourg 1

The Luxembourg teams played with some new curlers.

Luxembourg 2: Karen Wauters, Dany Schweich, Mike Isenor, Volker Beba, Susi Benoy and Candice Richards

Luxembourg 1: Dan Kelly, Claude Schweitzer, Alex Benoy, Barry Foulds