Sara Andjelkovic; Credit: © Alfonso Salgueiro

Sara Andjelkovic has been named the winner of the third edition of the Luxembourg Poetry Slam Championship, also known as the "Slampionship".

After two editions at the Kulturhaus Niederanven, it was at the Rotondes in Luxembourg-Bonnevoie that the slammers faced off on Friday 13 October 2023 for the third Luxembourg Poetry Slam Championship. Sara Andjelkovic emerged victorious and will represent Luxembourg on international stages.

Last Friday, nine poets presented their own texts in front of a demanding jury, namely the public gathered at the Klub des Rotondes, for an evening hosted by Bob Reinert and Stefanos Tsaousidis. All languages were allowed for the texts; the only condition for candidates was to either reside in Luxembourg or have Luxembourgish nationality.

The Géisskan Kollektiv thus sent its selection of local slammers into the arena. The participants aspired to follow the example of the winners of the two previous editions, Cosimo Suglia and Nicolas Calmes, and go to the European Championship and possibly then onto the World Poetry Slam Championship. New this year: one candidate could also win a ticket for the German-speaking poetry slam championship.

It was ultimately Sara Andjelkovic who knew how to use the right word at the right time to win the public's favour. Since her very first slam with the Géisskan Kollektiv in 2015, she has presented her texts on numerous stages in Germany, where she also supervised creative writing workshops. After completing her studies, she returned to Luxembourg at the age of 26 and has become more involved in the collective to promote and support the country's artistic scene. In her texts, the poet addresses a mix of cultures and her parents' migrant background.

Sara Andjelkovic will be one of the 20 national champions who will compete on the deSingel stage in Antwerp, Belgium on 20 January 2024 during the tenth edition of the European Championship. She also won the ticket for the German-speaking championship in Bochum, which will take place from Friday 27 to Monday 30 October 2023.