Château de Bourglinster; Credit: Jazmin Campbell/

Luxembourg’s Ministry of Culture has announced a call for applications for the rental of five artists' studios, situated within the annexes of the historical Château de Bourglinster.

Starting from January 2024 and available for a three-year period, these creative workspaces offer an opportunity for artists to cultivate their craft within an inspiring setting. With a monthly rent of €3 per m2, these studios provide affordable options for artistic expression. The available spaces vary in size, ranging from 23.75 m2 to 41.75 m2.

This call for applications is open to individuals of legal age who are residents of the Grand Duchy and are engaged in creative industries across all artistic disciplines. Aspiring artists and established creators alike are encouraged to apply. The deadline for submitting applications is 6 November 2023.

Moreover, the annexes of Château de Bourglinster have an expansive multipurpose room, measuring nearly 100 m2, named the "Open Space." This area can be made available free of charge to artists residing in Luxembourg who wish to work on specific artistic projects for defined periods.

Since their inauguration in 2013, the annexes of Château de Bourglinster have been under the stewardship of the Ministry of Culture. Designed as a hub for artistic creation and dissemination, these spaces have played a pivotal role in fostering artistic exchanges and collaborations. Spanning over 860 m2 of creative workspace, these annexes serve as a crossroads for artists of various disciplines.

Artists interested in applying for the studio spaces or making use of the "Open Space" room can find detailed information and application guidelines on the website of the annexes of the Château de Bourglinster, as well as on the official Ministry of Culture website.