The winners of this year’s National Literary Competition in Luxembourg have been announced.

The jury of the 2018 National Literary Competition, composed of Simone Beck (president), Anne Legill, Carole Lorang, Marc Rettel and Pascal Seil, have awarded the following plays: first prize in the "adult authors" category went to Romain Butti's "Fir wann ech net mei kann", second prize to Charles Meder's "Geheimdienstkönige" and third prize to Samuel Hamen's "Tagebuch des Fremdalterns". Anna Leader's "Outlast" bagged first prize in the "young authors aged 15-25" category .

First prize winner in the "adult authors" category, Romain Butti's Luxembourgish play "Fir wann ech net méi kann" seduced the jury with its quality of literary expression that draws a world with poetic images and fragile characters. The musicality of the style, the density of the atmosphere and the precision of the descriptions of both the characters and the setting draw the public into a world of obscure tenderness.

Second prize winner in the same category, Charles Meder's "Geheimdienstkönige" features a precise, even utilitarian language and a rigorously designed scenic structure at the service of a well-constructed history and clearly drawn characters. The play, while entertaining, also reflects important aspects of contemporary society.

Taking home third prize this year was Samuel Hamen's "Tagebuch des Fremdalterns". This play fuses reality and imagination by creating deep characters, confronted with universal questions. The author succeeds in his subtle analysis of family relations.

Finally, in the "young authors" category, the English-language drama "Outlast" by Anna Leader won this year's prize for its resolutely modern literary style and playful but profound approach.

The official presentation of the 2018 National Literature Competition awards will take place on Tuesday 4 December 2018 at 19:30at the Centre national de littérature in Mersch.