On Wednesday 24 April 2019, Kinepolis inaugurated the first 4DX cinema in Luxembourg, with the 116-seat screening room #4 in Kirchberg having completed its fitting out and testing following its 35-day conversion from a standard screening room with 194 classic cinema seats.

The 4DX experience provides cinema-goers with air/wind, water, smells and light to offer an immersive olfactory sensation experience which also includes moving seats. For those concerned that they may get soaked during a 4DX screening, Kinepolis confirms that the effects are subtle; in any case, cinema-goers can turn off the water effects using a switch on their individual seats.

Each year, more than 100 films are distributed in 4DX, including a large part of Hollywood blockbusters. 4DX is available for both 2D and 3D films. Upcoming films that will be offered in 4DX include Avengers: EndGame, Aladdin (22 May), Godzilla (29 May) and Toy Story 4 (26 June), The Lion King (17 July). Reservations for all 4DX film screenings are highly recommended.

Ticket surcharges are €6 for 4DX screenings.

People who suffer from high blood pressure, heart problems, neck or back problems, epilepsy and travel sickness, as well as pregnant women, as advised not to attempt to try 4DX screenings, with children under 1m tall not being admitted either.