Utopolis-Kirchberg (on Friday 18 December) and Utopolis-Belval (on Sunday 20 December) will welcome the new Star Wars film with a number of special events.

The Star Wars VII The Force Awakens film reaches screens in Luxembourg on Wednesday 16 December 2015, with audiences able to follow the adventures of Han, Luke, Leia, Chewbacca and other characters from the hugely popular series which threatens to become the most successful film of all time.

- The Laser Adverture Bus will pay a visit and will allow fans to plunge into the galactic universe created by George Lucas by attempting to set new records in the laser maze (15:00 - 22:15).

- Participate in Jedi Casting by donning a robe and taking photos in front of Star Wars backdrops (13:00 - 19:30).

Entrance to both is free-of-charge and without obligation to purchase tickets. Tickets to the screenings are available online at www.utopolis.lu  and at the cinemas.