Credit: Fondation Cancer

On Wednesday 8 March 2023, Fondation Cancer Luxembourg launched its national strategy "Génération Sans Tabac" (tobacco-free generation), which aims to enable today's children and youth to become the first generation to live in a smoke-free environment by 2024.

This strategy is being carried out in collaboration with Fondation Cancer's 36 partners. The objective is to offer the Luxembourg population the possibility of not being exposed to tobacco smoke and products and to reach a number of smokers below 5% of the population in 2040. A study conducted by ILRES, commissioned by Fondation Cancer found that 60% of the country's inhabitants consider curbing smoking to be an urgent priority issue in the country and eight out of ten inhabitants said they were ready to support "Génération Sans Tabac".

The strategy is built around six pillars that will ultimately lead to the creation of the first smoke-free generation in the country. The pillars are: a significant increase in the price of tobacco and similar products each year; prevention of smoking among young people through regular information campaigns; banning all types of tobacco advertising; the reduced availability of tobacco products; protection of the population from passive smoking; promotion of smoking cessation, as well as setting up support systems for people who want to quit smoking.

Lucienne Thommes, Director of Fondation Cancer Luxembourg, said: "We are proud to launch the strategy Génération Sans Tabac, which relies heavily on the support of local actors, who are called upon to commit themselves on their own ground. We count on 36 partners from the health and education, sports and youth sectors. We also intend to encourage the municipalities in the four regions of Luxembourg to give children and young people the right to grow up smoke-free."

She added: "With this strategy, we hope to see a legislative change in the country regarding tobacco laws, in order to grant children and young people the right to grow up in a smoke-free environment."