(L-R) Lars Rejding and Sandrine Roux of Banque Havilland S.A. present a cheque to Anne Schweizer and Sophie Glesener of SOS Villages d’Enfants Monde; Credit: SOSVEM

On the 10th anniversary of its partnership with SOS Villages d’Enfants Monde (SOSVEM), Banque Havilland S.A. has presented the Luxembourg non-profit organisation with a cheque for €2,000.

On 1 September 2021, Lars Rejding, Group CEO, and Sandrine Roux, Group General Secretary of Banque Havilland, were welcomed at the offices of SOSVEM for a symbolic cheque handover.

This was an opportunity for Lars Rejding to congratulate the non-profit for its efforts to empower parents, guardians and communities: "SOS projects reflect our company's values as they protect and support the most vulnerable children and their families, so that they can gain in quality of life, self-confidence and achieve their ambitions”.

For her part, Sophie Glesener, Director of SOSVEM, thanked the bank for its continued support: "We are grateful for your great and sustainable solidarity towards our alternative care, education, health, development and emergency response programmes to guarantee children the satisfaction of their basic needs, their protection against all forms of violence and respect for their rights".

Since the beginning of this partnership in 2011, Banque Havilland has contributed to the many programmes financed by the Luxembourg non-profit around the world. SOSVEM is currently involved in development programmes (in West Africa and Uzbekistan) and emergency response programmes (e.g. Colombia, Ethiopia, Haiti, Central African Republic), as well as in projects with a social, educational or environmental dimension.