L-R: Jean Ries (ENGIE Solelec); Tamara Thoma (ENGIE Solelec); Bernard Carlier (ENGIE Solelec); Josiane Eippers (Fondation Lëtzebuerger Kannerduerf); Claude Adam (Fondation Lëtzebuerger Kannerduerf); Yves Trauffler (Fondation Lëtzebuerger Kannerduerf); Credit: SOS Kannerduerf Lëtzebuerg

ENGIE Solelec SA, a Luxembourg engineering and electrical installation firm, has raised €10,000 for local children's charity SOS Kannerduerf Lëtzebuerg.

On 30 January 2020, during an informal meeting at the Kannerduerf in Mersch, Bernard Carlier, General Manager of ENGIE Solelec presented a cheque worth €10,000 to Josiane Eippers, President of the Fondation Lëtzebuerger Kannerduerf. The money raised was the result of ENGIE Solelec managers' decision to support a social initiative instead of the traditional end-of-year gifts in 2019.

During the cheque presentation, Bernard Carlier stressed that this initiative formed part ENGIE Solelec's corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy and that this marked the start of the firm's collaboration with SOS Kannerduerf Lëtzebuerg.

The donation will enable the Kannerduerf to organise sports activities for children and to finance young people's driving licences.

Josiane Eippers thanked the representatives of ENGIE Solelec for their donation and their interest in the children and young people in the Kannerduerf: “A partnership with a company like Solelec makes it possible to make our young people aware of the life of a company and to arouse their interest in trades that offer real opportunities in Luxembourg".