Credit: MAEE

The Directorate of Immigration of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs has confirmed that Luxembourg received a total of 114 applications for international protection (asylum) last month.

The number of people applying for asylum in Luxembourg in August 2021 increased from 101 the previous month and from 90 in August 2020.

A total of 42 decisions on asylum applications were taken last month, with twelve applicants (compared to 22 in July) being granted refugee status in Luxembourg.

So far this year, Luxembourg has received a total of 715 asylum applications, up from 627 received by this time last year, but significantly lower than the 1,384 received in the first eight months of 2019.

The largest number of applicants seeking asylum in August 2021 came from Syria (27), followed by Afghanistan (18) and Eritrea (17). In addition, seven Albanian, five Sudanese and five Yemini nationals applied for asylum. The remaining 35 applications came from various other countries.

Of the 715 applications to date this year, 230 (32.2%) are from Syria, with 162 (22.7%) coming from Eritrea.