A public petition requesting the inclusion of English as one of Luxembourg's administrative languages will launch tomorrow.

From Tuesday 19 November 2019, the public will be able to sign a petition calling for the amendment of the language law from 1984 to recognise English as an additional administrative language in Luxembourg.

The public petition "1414 - Petitioun fir Englesch als administrativ Sprooch zu Lëtzebuerg un ze erkennen: Ännerung vum Sproochegesetz vun 1984", initiated by Justin Petkus, will remain open until 30 December 2019 inclusive.

The petition can be signed at https://www.chd.lu/wps/portal/public/Accueil/TravailALaChambre/Petitions/RoleDesPetitions?action=doPetitionDetail&id=1757.