Credit: Julie Wagener

Local artist Julie Wagener's exhibition "Pillars of the Earth" will be on display in Cercle Cité (Rue de Curé) in Luxembourg-ville from 29 October 2020 until 17 January 2021.

With its project “CeCiL's Box”, Cercle Cité displays creations in one of its windows on Rue du Curé; This project aims to present the public with varied and original works and to support local creation by offering visibility to guest artists. Dictated by the space of the window, these works are visible seven days a week, day and night.

Fascinated by singularity, Julie Wagener creates images that challenge viewers, meticulous images, which carry within them a touch of mystery. She borrows visual and narrative allusions from the vast repertoire of art history and folklore of the bizarre, which she weaves into a thick carpet of mysticism and personal commentary on contemporary society. Her visceral imagery leaves viewers with a double impression of dissociation and strange familiarity.

Julie Wagener developed this latest exhibition in collaboration with Elora de Pape, who creates a visual vocabulary that is unmistakably her own. Richly using symbolism and great poetry, Ms de Pape instills in her work contemporary sensibilities in order to bring it into the present time. A harmonised reciprocity between drawing, painting and the material itself culminates in a dazzling manifestation of light and colour.

Designed by Julie Wagener and produced by Elora de Pape, Pillars of the Earth is a snapshot of the current state of the human condition and society. It is a reflection on the power, ethics and distrust of a frightening, trying and dysfunctional system. Four key elements of the ever so complex structure of modern society, presenting themselves as bright, colourful and transparent but nevertheless very problematic in their current form, are questioned on their integrity, their sustainability and their overall impact on humanity and the planet. These concepts often seem abstract and futile, but as soon as we understand the work as a whole, they reveal themselves in our image.

Under current conditions, the inauguration is replaced by an exchange with the artist on Thursday 27 October 2020 at 12:00 in front of the CeCiL’s Box. Passers-by are invited to post their images of the exhibition on Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag #cecilsbox.