Eng Grouss Famill - Jacques Schneider;

In early April, Jacques Schneider launched a new collaborative art project, with the support of Docler Holding; the collection, named "Eng Grouss Famill", aims to help the social mission of the Fondation du Grand-Duc et de la Grande-Duchess.

The artist has been encouraging people to participate to the project by submitting photos or drawings of their favorite places in Luxembourg. Thanks to these contributions, the artist will create a collection of artworks portraying people’s common perception of the country. It is similar to his previous 2016 project: De Lëtzebuerger Fändel.

Throughout all the projects we have launched in Luxembourg, our leitmotif has always been to support professional, artistic, educative and social communities. We truly believe in the power of social bonds and the power of art in creating them", said György Gattyán, founder and owner of Docler Holding.

Regarding the practical contribution to his project, artist Jacques Schneider explained “You can send portraits, drawings, photos, or anything that represents your daily life in Luxembourg. Our joint creative efforts will enable us to support the Grand-Duke and Grand-Duchess Foundation and its different actions to help those in need”.

The Grand-Ducal Family has already sent their own photos for the collection.

"The artist has already collected more than 1,200 contributions. Eng Grouss Famill aims to bring together both the residents and non-residents of the country to emphasise Luxembourg’s beauty through its architecture and landscapes, as well as the meaningful moments of life in isolation", explained Karoly Papp, CEO and Co-Founder of Docler Holding.

Jacques Schneider is a Luxembourgish artist. He draws inspiration from everywhere, and is especially known for his Kritzel collection, a fusion of photographic and pictorial art. With more than a thousand pieces, his work represents an incredible inventory of Luxembourg’s landscapes.

The artworks will be exhibited after the end of the social distancing measures. A digital version will also be unveiled on www.leiw.lu.

To send contributions to Jacques Schneider, email: info@3xvive.lu.