Credit: LE FREEPORT Luxembourg

Le Freeport Luxembourg will host an Open Day on Sunday 31 March 2019 from 10:30-17:00.

On this occasion, Le Freeport, in collaboration with its operators, will present the works of acclaimed artists entrusted to its safekeeping from Old Masters to contemporary photography. A selection of artworks from the Mudam Collection, an artwork from the collection of the gallery Ceysson & Bénétière and artists from Luxembourg will also be on display.

Among the artists on show are Banksy, Daniel Buren, Rosson Crow, Lucas Cranach, El Greco, Andreas Gursky Philippe Perrin, Didier Marcel, Michel Majerus, Thomas Ruff and Frank Stella. The artworks will be displayed in the Le Freeport lobby where the “bas relief” created in situ by street artist Alexander Farto aka VHILS can also be admired together with the neon works of Johana Grawunder and Hsia-Fei Chang.

Parking is limited and visitors need a valid photo ID to gain access to Le Freeport.