On Thursday 14 January 2016, newest addition to Luxembourg's gallery scene, ARTSCAPE Contemporary Art Luxembourg, will be offering a public preview of an exhibition by French-German artist Susanne Strassmann.

Dispelling with tradition, founders Christine Kieffer and Stefanie Zutter decided to run ARTSCAPE Contemporary Art Luxembourg as an 'on-the-move' gallery, comprised of temporary exhibitions in various spaces across the Grand Duchy.

"The nomadic way of working allows us to break down some of the barriers between the gallery and the outside world," the founders explained. "For our first exhibition, we have chosen to bring the two worlds 'Business and Arts' closer together by presenting contemporary art in a high profile business club. For the 'People/Identities' show we have asked Susanne Strassmann to paint a series of portraits in Luxembourgish companies."

Susanne Strassmann is no stranger to setting up her easel inside a company office space, getting people to talk about themselves and painting them, resulting in a number of portraits on a canvas. Six of these, along with around 20 other works of the artist, will be made available for public viewing on 14 January at HOUSE17.

The exploration between the image and its spectator and the representation of stereotypes are what motivate Susanne Strassmann's pieces, which will be discernible in the 25 exhibition works spanning several years.

The artist has been regularly involved in group shows in France and is present in several private and public collections in Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland. The People/Identities exhibition represents her first show in Luxembourg.

The public preview will be available from 18:00 on Thursday 14 January 2016 and will be attended by the artist herself. The exhibition will then be available for viewing Monday to Saturday 12:00 to 20:00 until 12 March 2016. For further information contact:

- Christine Kieffer: christine@artscape.lu +352 691 483 014
- Stefanie Zutter: stefanie@artscape.lu +352 691 129 200


Photo by ARTSCAPE Contemporary Art Luxembourg