Credit: Foundation EME

The Fondation EME has announced it will launch a project that brings together inclusive choirs from the four corners of Luxembourg, on the occasion of its fifteenth anniversary.

In an innovative initiative, the All Together project aims to gather people from all walks of life together through music and singing. The Fondation noted that this project should transcend social barriers, age differences and health challenges to create a “symphony of solidarity” in the name of inclusiveness, diversity and multiculturality in Luxembourg. Nine choirs across Luxembourg will be open to receive anyone, regardless of their health status, whether they are a refugee or a child living in a reception facility or anyone else – everyone is welcome, the Fondation stressed.

The peak of this musical adventure will take place on stage during a final concert at Kinnekswiss on 6 July 2024, celebrating diversity, inclusion and the fifteenth anniversary of the Fondation EME. 

More information on All Together and how to participate is available at: