Voices International, a Luxembourg-based international choir (there are 26 different nationalities represented in the choir), has announced that it will be holding four concerts in December entitled "Christmas Glow".

The choir kicked off its Christmas season 2021 in early September, preparing for a season with face-to-face rehearsals and live concerts. After what the choir describes as three "very challenging seasons, during which we had to survive with online projects", it will be back to singing live in December - Voices International usually performs two seasons of concerts each year.

Directed by James Libbey, Voices International's singers and musicians will present their brand-new repertoire of songs in a diverse, multilingual and musical journey with songs from around the world.

Concert dates:

- Saturday 4 December - 19:30 Junglinster Church
- Sunday 5 December - 17:00 Esch-sur-Alzette Church, "Sacré-Coeur"
- Saturday 11 December - 20:00 Bonnevoie Church, Place Léon XIII
- Sunday 12 December - 17:00 Bridel Church

In lieu of admission charges collection, baskets will be passed around following each concert, with proceeds to be donated to children's charities. 

All the concert will be CovidCheck events.

For more information, see www.voicesinternational.lu