Credit: GScore

On Monday 15 April 2024, Gcore the global AI, cloud, network and security solutions provider, headquartered in Luxembourg, announced it has opened an innovative data centre in Seoul.

This facility will house 320 NVIDIA H100 GPUs, aiming to deliver improved performance for AI workloads. Moreover, Gcore has forged a partnership with NHN Cloud, a key player in the Korean cloud computing sector. By joining forces, Gcore and NHN Cloud aim to provide AI customers with ultra-high-performance AI cloud services. From selecting a data centre to configuring the service to reflect the needs of Korean customers, NHN Cloud has been instrumental in localising and customising Gcore's services, the company noted.

According to Gscore, Korean AI companies no longer need to “wait for weeks” to acquire large-scale GPUs or utilise resources abroad, as Gcore's edge cloud will provide access to ultra-high-performance AI computing resources.

"Korea has tremendous growth potential in AI technologies, including AI semiconductors, systems, and services, and we look forward to helping Korean companies take a leading position in the global AI market by leveraging Gcore's data centres located within the country's high-speed telecommunications network, as well as Gcore's global edge network, which is interconnected with ultra-low latency networks around the world," said HyunYong Jung, Country Manager of Gcore Korea.

Gcore concluded that it provides a cloud platform environment with a fully automated AI infrastructure, various management tools and a security system to help organisations at every stage of their AI adoption journey.