There are a few things we do differently in Luxembourg. I am not talking about frequent differences you find in each culture. There are things in Luxembourg that are radically different than in other countries.

The last Grand-Duchy in the world, we (luckily) no longer have to take our passport and 2 to 3 different currencies when leaving the house but it is one of the only places where the first question people ask you is "Français? English? Deutsch?" and both you and them find it normal.

A very unique Luxembourg thing is the ING Night Marathon. It is more than just a race - for most runners and spectators it is a great event to enjoy with family and friends. The trace of the race is tough with the ups and downs of our beautiful city but the numerous attractions more than make up for it. DJs and music groups line up from Kirchberg to the Grund and several hot spots ensure the party never ends.

It is one of the few marathons held late in the day and into the night and is a clear favorite world-round. A novelty this year: the Roll&Run race started and ended under a circus tent placed in the middle of Glacis, through which the semi and the marathon passed about an hour later. All participants, wheeled or not, appreciated the respite of the shadow in the still-hot evening sun!

The crown jewel of the ING Night Marathon Luxembourg is crossing the finish line in LuxExpo The Box. With a special sweet and sour culmination, the tough "climb" at dusk from the red bridge to LuxExpo pays off once you enter the arrival hall with the crowd roaring for you to keep going the last few hundred meters. Where else in the world are you greeted by a full blown indoor party at the finish line? The atmosphere is unparalleled so if you haven't experienced it yet I strongly suggest you save the date for the 15th edition of the ING Night Marathon Luxembourg on 23 May 2020.