Summer is a great time to make plans. And when I say “plan” you maybe hear “planning”, so let’s get cracking!

1. Focus on the Why, not the How

Instead of asking yourself how you would carry out your project, ask yourself why you want to achieve it. What inspires you? What results are you expecting? Give concrete answers and not platitudes like “I want to become rich and famous”. Wealth and celebrity are consequences, not goals.

Focusing on the How, can be discouraging as you list all that you need. But remember: the first Apple computer was created in the family garage!

2. Establish an action plan

Stay focused on your final target, but also set measurable interim goals, break them into sub-goals and then into tasks and plan tasks which are to be performed every day and every week. Create some type of visual representation of your plan in a document. And update your plan when your finish up a task (extra dopamine effect!).

3. Take action

Believing in your project is good. Taking action is better. Don’t let a day go by without making a step, even a little one, toward your final goal (1% better every day!). All these little things that take you forward and keep your enthusiasm intact.

5. Get the support of a team of professionals

If you do not have all the skills needed for achieving the project objectives – nobody knows everything -, fill the gaps with knowledgeable partners.

6. Be patient and confident

We are living in the era of the snapshot and the immediate satisfaction of our needs. Yet carrying out a project takes time, a lot of time. Learn to enjoy the path and to reward yourself from time to time.

7. Let it go

Focusing on your goal must not become an obsession. When you feel that the more efforts you make to do something, the less effective those efforts are, give yourself a break. Temporary detachment allows your brain to generate new ideas and to think more creatively. So take time to laugh with your friends, play with your children, go on holiday or just sit and let your mind wander.

Don’t be afraid of failures. If success makes you happy, failures make you strong. So stay positive, whatever happens!