Castle in Parc Merveilleux de Bettembourg; Credit: simpleviu - www.simpleviu

Luxembourg, with its well-travelled citizens and its compact size nestled amidst neighbouring countries, often sees its residents venturing beyond its borders for new experiences. However, if one cares to look more closely, there are unusual, whimsical locations waiting to be discovered within the country itself.

Intrigued by the prospect of finding something extraordinary within familiar surroundings, I embarked on a quest for staycations that introduced me to quite a few gems of two distinctive sorts: fairytale homes and heritage or design lodgings.

My first exploration for a whimsical fairytale-like stay was soon satisfied with some unique finds including treehouses in Esch-sur-Alzette.

The “Escher Bamhaiser” (Esch treehouses) are guest houses perched in the trees and nestled in the heart of nature, in the heart of the “Escher Déierepark” (Esch animal park). These cosy, unusual treehouses can accommodate up to four or six people. It’s a surprising and lovely place to spend one or more nights. The house of “Maisy” can accommodate up to six people and is adapted to the needs of people with reduced mobility (45.3 m2). The lodge offers three bedrooms with double beds, a shower room with toilet, a separate toilet, two private furnished terraces, and two parking spaces for private cars – outside the park (150 m walk).

The house of “Mia Morilla – picker of morels” similarly has two bedrooms with double beds, one bedroom with two bunk beds, and a shower room with a toilet. It includes a private furnished terrace and two parking spaces – outside the park. With beautiful furniture made with tree branches, unique stairs and quaint decorations, such as bird nests and rustic forest elements, the 26.8 m2 treehouse is another option for up to six people.

The house of “Doctor Badger” can accommodate up to four people over a surface of 26.8 m2 . This little perched house is mysteriously reminiscent of Little Red Riding Hood. It has two bedrooms with double beds, a shower room with toilet, a private terrace with furniture and one parking spot available for a car.

The three wooden houses are colourful and well-equipped; they have charming, unevenly shaped windows with views of forest greenery in the bedrooms and are carefully decorated for a warm and welcoming atmosphere. All homes have free WIFI, electric heating and an equipped minibar as well as a kitchen area equipped with crockery and cutlery for the maximum number of occupants) to serve small cold meals and snacks. The houses do not allow the preparation of hot meals for safety concerns, although coffee, teas and sugar are provided. Pets and smoking are not allowed, parties and nighttime noise are prohibited and wardrobe plus additional storage are limited.

Another unique stay in the south of Luxembourg is the fairytale castle next to the Parc Merveilleux de Bettembourg. Children can climb the tower and explore its interior, including the area beneath the top. The castle has one double bed, one sofa bed and a fully equipped kitchen, in addition to heaters and a private toilet and bathroom. This lodging also does not allow pets. This miniature castle stay has breakfast delivered to it directly in the morning. Guests booking this stay receive an exclusive discount card, granting them access to the park.

Also in the south of the country, in Schifflange, there is a forest retreat named “Zirkuswon” (circus carriage). This charming mobile lodge is located in the forest and offers views over the forest and a pond. This location offers a small, fully-equipped kitchenette, and a private toilet. Two double beds are available. There is no private shower in this lodge, but guests receive a complimentary free ticket to nearby public baths and sauna.

In addition, located in Wormeldange, in eastern Luxembourg, the historical “Casinotuerm Ehnen”, situated next to the Moselle river, awaits visitors. The renovation started around 2014, due to a lack of overnight accommodation in the area. Renovation work began in 2021 and lasted approximatly eighteen months. This rental offers a double bed and two single beds. It has a fully equipped kitchen, a fireplace and heating, a wine refrigerator and a private toilet with bathroom including essentials. With a simple, comfortable and minimalist design, this location offers a comfortable stay in a green and beautiful environment. The house has a garden, a park for children nearby, hiking trails and cycle paths, and also water sports in the vicinity such as boating, wakeboarding, boat surfing or simply relaxing by the riverside. Wine lovers will be able to discover the renowned wine cellars in the area.

Each of these creative retreats invites guests to relax in beautiful natural settings; whether in treehouses, wooden lodges, a castle or a historical house, more possibilities await within the borders of this tiny but captivating country, offering multiple unique and comfortable staycation experiences.