Admit it: you’ve always wanted an ugly Christmas sweater, but were too ashamed to buy one!

No, I’m not talking about the one you received from your best friend’s grandma or your ex-mother-in-law – those were truly ugly. You know you’ve been perusing Amazon’s vast choice of kitsch-but-cute Christmas sweaters. You have secretly marked on your calendar the International Ugly Christmas Sweater Day. You just don’t have the courage to admit openly you want to own one.

ING to the rescue! We’ve got a fundraising action that gives you the perfect excuse to fulfill your obsession.


Christmas is around the corner and at ING we’ve been thinking about what makes Christmas special and have tried to find a concept everyone can relate to.
And then it hit us: the (in)famous Christmas sweaters! What expresses Christmas better than those patterned sweaters; the traditional, the crazy or the comical? What is more cross-cultural and intergenerational than the desire to be warm, colourful and cosy in winter?

#INGXmasMoments returns this year. This hashtag will capture your individual moments, old and new, and tie all your special sweaters together, uniting everyone in the spirit of Christmas: the spirit of giving, a spirit that ING promotes. Our aim for this winter is to spread the love as far and wide as possible, to reach as many people as possible.

How can you help?

Post a picture of yourself, alone or with your family, friends or team, wearing a Christmas sweater on Facebook or Instagram and for every post with the hashtag #INGXmasMoments we will donate €5 to UNICEF Luxembourg.

Don’t waste any time! Buy or knit* that (ugly) Christmas sweater you’ve been yearning for, put on your best smile and help get the ball rolling!

*I don’t actually expect you to knit a sweater, but ugly Christmas sweaters are easy DIY projects! Search the internet for instructions if you don’t want to be seen buying an ugly Christmas sweater in public.