The International School of Luxembourg is organising a talk on drugs, entitled "Drug Substances - Legal and Illegal - What's the Deal?", on 28 February 2019 at 19:00.

The event take the form of an open conversation, rather than a lecture, on the topic of legal and illegal drugs. Speaking on this occasion will be a team of professional community members with real-life experience from support services and awareness and prevention programmes,

One of the aims of this discussion is that parents and students feel comfortable asking questions, getting advice and gaining understanding on this subject; it is a workshop where it is hoped that students and parents will get the information they need to be able to make informed decisions and dispel myths.

Parents and students (aged 10 and above) can attend; young children should be accompanied by parents. The workshop is open to everyone in Luxembourg. 

For more information and to register for this free event, visit

Venue: International School of Luxembourg

Organiser: International School of Luxembourg

Price: Free